Our approach

A bespoke approach,
unique for all clients

We are experts in our field and specialise in fully understanding and meeting the individual needs of our extensive client base. Our understanding of the housing, construction and development sector, combined with our intelligence and agility means we are able to offer a bespoke approach that is unique to all our clients.

Every client, irrespective of size or work stream, will have the involvement of a senior member of the Podium team. We work closely with our clients and their teams to develop relationships and future work streams.

We are completely flexible and collaborative in our relationship with all our clients and pride ourselves in being always available, as well as quick to respond and delivery and results orientated.

Value for money

Given the streamlined nature of Podium, our clients benefit from our limited overheads and resulting savings. We offer an excellent service, proven by the large percentage of clients that return to Podium with repeat business.

Helpful advice

We are happy to provide free initial advice on a scheme and regularly assist clients through our approved network of sub-consultants to offer further advice in areas outside of our core expertise.


We are honest about what we can do and do not accept work if we cannot meet deadlines or are not in the best position to offer advice on a particular subject.

Trusted and dependable

Through putting the needs of our clients first, we consistently deliver exactly what they want, always adding value where we can.